Our History

The Williams Lake Golf and Tennis Club started as the Williams Lake Golf and Country Club in 1929. It was formally incorporated in 1946. It was developed in the area now known as Boitanio Park on the east side of town by a group of dedicated individuals led by Peter Proctor. You can still see the semblance of former fairways and tee boxes on the old site, but you have to use your imagination.

Williams Lake had a growth surge in the early 1970s. A new group recognized the need to develop a golf course facility that offered new challenges and new facilities to support the growing population. The group struck an arrangement with The Pacific Great Eastern Railway (later to become British Columbia Railway and recently Canadian National Railway) to exchange lands from the east side of the city to the west side of the city along the river valley. The new course was completed in 1976. We now have one of the finest golf courses in the central and northern interior of British Columbia located on this new site.

The new club added a first class restaurant and tennis courts and the name was changed to the Williams Lake Golf and Tennis Club.

The Club honors its heritage by maintaining its course well so that our guests will have a memorable golf experience. Of course, if you meet and talk to some of our senior golfers, you will hear a lot more of the innovative solutions used to develop the course with volunteers and contractors working together to build it right.

More History



Enjoy some historical photos from the early days of the Williams Lake Golf Club.

Old Golf Course 1945 (Now Boitanio Park)

Old Golf Course 1945 (Now Boitanio Park)

Golf Tournament 1945

Golf Tournament 1945

Early Club Members at the 9th Hole

Pictured lef to right: Claude Barbour & dog, Eddie Gaspard Sr., Don Hill, George Mableson, Owen Kerley, Ken Rife, Harold Manguy & Prince